South African Speedway International Test Matches,

 - official & unofficial

    The results of Speedway Test Matches between South Africa and other nations, from the first international at Ellis Park, Johannesburg in 1930 against England, up to the Polish tour of the Republic in the '90s, are given below in appropriate groupings.
Not all match data are complete, but comprise all results to hand to date, sourced from speedway historians in all hemispheres. International team Challenge match data are also included.
      This data is reproduced from the "International Speedway" site by kind permission of Brian Collins.

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Page 1,  Table 1: South Africa  v.  England
              Table 2: South Africa  v.  Holland  &  v. Scandinavia
              Table 3: South Africa  v. New Zealand
incl'g v. British Commonwealth  &  v.  Overseas),
              Table 4: South Africa  v.  Europe / 'Combined Europe'.

         Page 2 :  S.Africa v. Rhodesia   &    Rhodesia (incl'g N.R & S.R.) v. S.Africa,
                         Southern Africa v. Overseas,        S.Africa v. USA,
                         S.Africa v. Hungary    &   S.Africa v. Poland.

                                                                                 © = Captain ;  Underlined (e.g. x )= maximum pts.
 Table 1, S.Africa. v England                                                                 

Table 2:  S.Africa v. Holland   &   S.Africa v. Scandinavia

 Table 3:  S.Africa v  New Zealand,  ( incl'g  v.  Br. Commonwealth   &   Dominions.)

Table 4: S.Africa  v. Europe / 'Combined Europe'.

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