South African Speedway International Test Matches,

 - official & unofficial

Jo'burg 1950               Cape Town 1952               Durban 1957                 Pretoria 1958           Brakpan 1996 
       SA v Britain                  SA v Overseas                SA v England                  SA v Europe            SA v Poland

   The results of Speedway Test Matches between South Africa and other nations, from the first international at Ellis Park, Johannesburg in 1930 against England, up to the Polish tour of the Republic in the '90s, are given below in appropriate groupings.
    For varying reasons many matches were staged without formal SCB or MSA Test status: those known to be so are marked 'Official'. International team Challenge match data is also included. Photographs of many of the team line-ups can be found on the appropriate Gallery page. 
    This data is reproduced from the "
International Speedway" site by kind permission of Brian Collins.  Not all match data is complete, but comprises all results to hand to date, sourced from speedway historians in all hemispheres, whose contributions are acknowledged. (Tables dated post February 2017 will include updates not shown on the source site.)
    A summary table of the total number of appearances and points scored, as compiled by respected SA motorsports journalist Ken MacLeod, is presented at the foot of the second page.
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Page 1,  Table 1: South Africa  v.  England
              Table 2: South Africa  v.  Holland  &  v. Scandinavia
              Table 3: South Africa  v. New Zealand
incl'g v. British Commonwealth  &  v.  Overseas),
              Table 4: South Africa  v.  Europe / 'Combined Europe'.

         Page 2 :  S. Africa  v. Rhodesia   &    Rhodesia (incl'g N.R & S.R.) v. S.Africa,
                         Southern Africa v. Overseas,
  S. Africa  v. USA,
                         S. Africa  v. Hungary    &    S. Africa v. Poland,
                         + Summary table: total appearances and points.
                                                                                 © = Captain ;  Underlined (e.g. x )= maximum pts.

 Table 1, S.Africa. v England                                        ( Known heat details given HERE.)

Table 2:  S.Africa v. Holland   &   S.Africa v. Scandinavia            ( Known heat details given HERE.)
                - Add'ns to  'OTHER MATCHES'  on 13.7.2017

 Table 3:  S.Africa v  New Zealand,  ( incl'g  v.  Br. Commonwealth   &   Dominions.) ( Known heat details given HERE  &   HERE.)      

Table 4: S.Africa  v. Europe / 'Combined Europe'.                  
( Heat details of 3TT HERE ; of EU v. Br.Comm. HERE.)   

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