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    For Rhodesian National Lge teams see


S.Africa (v. England) 1948/49: - 5th Test, 29.1.49 @ Benoni(Dunswart).
Stdg: Toby Boshoff, Doug Serrurier, Syd v.d.Vyver, Fred Wills, Henry Long,
 Frt:  Harry du Toit, Buddy Fuller (Cptn on bike), Joe Blankfield.

England (v. S.Africa) 1948/49:  - 1st test @ Wembley, Joburg, 1.1.1949. 
 (n.b: Race jackets had not arrived: UK team jackets in use.)

Stdg: Jimmy Dunn, Ken Tilbury, Wilf Plant (Cptn. on bike), Ted Gibson, Peter Robinson, 

knlg: Ken Middleditch, Jack Bishop. (Abensent from photo, Alan chambers.)

South Africa & England - together, 
1948/49:  - 4th Test @Wembley, Jo'burg, 22.1.49
Stdg: Ted Gibson (E), Buddy Fuller (SA.Cptn), Doug Serrurier (SA), Jimmy Dunn (E), Wilf Plant (E.Cptn), Jeff Bishop (E), Harry du Toit (SA), Toby Bishoff (SA);
Knlg: Fred Wills (SA), Syd v.d.Vyver (SA), Ken Middleditch (E), Bob Quick (SA), Ken Tidbury (E).
[ Also rode but absent from photo: Henry Long (SA), Alan Chambers (E), Peter Robinson (E).

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

S.Africa (v. England), 1949/50:
  - 1st Test 28.1.50 @ Bloemfontein.
Lt>Rt: Digger Filer, Alan Chambers, Oscar Wessman, Fred Wills (Cptn on bike), 
             Toby Boshoff, Joe Blankfield, Henry Long, Sid v.d,Vyver.

England (v. S.Africa)  1949/50:  - 1st Test @ Bloemfontain 28.1.1950.
Stdg: Harry Welch, Peter Robinson, Derek Tailby, Jack Hodgson (Cptn. on bike,) Ken Middleditch, Ron Clark;

knlg:  Ted Gibson, Dave Collins.

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   In the post-war revival of South African speedway, after the opening of Wembley Stadium to dirt track racing and two seasons of home international Test Matches against England, the Union organised a home-and-away exchange series with its other founding nation Holland.  11 meetings, including a 5 Test Match series, were staged at 4 venues during the Southern summer of 1951/52, with the Springboks reciprocating in Europe in 1951, the only occasion that a SA national team has ridden in Western Europe. (Besides Holland, matches were also ridden in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, - full details given HERE.)  Below are the 2 teams.

1950/51:  - 1st Test  @ Wembley, 15.12.50.
Stdg: Wim van Hemelrijk, Gerrit Jonker, Jan Bosman (on bike), Bert Willard, Thei Bisschopps, Henk Dammers;
Joop Nolten, Tinus Metzelaar. (The squad were later joined by Henk Stemen.) 

The Dutch team that took part in the test match series against SA at Wembley, Jo'burg in 1950/51.

South African Touring Team of Europe, 1951
Stdg: (lt. to rt): Toby Boshoff, Alec Blankfield, Buddy Fuller (on bike), Harry du Toit, Bob Raw,
Knlg: Maurice Fenton (left), Joe Blankfield.

The 7-man SA team that toured Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 1951. Full tour results.

S.Africa (v. Overseas) 1951/52:  - 1st Test, 7.12.51 @ Wembley JHB.
Stdg: Buddy Fuller, Alec Blankfield, Henry Long, Fred Wills, Doug Serrurier, 
knlg: Joe Blankfield, Bob Raw, Fred van Zyl.

"Overseas" (v. S.Africa) 1951/52 , @ Wembley JHB
Stdg: Ake Lindqvist SW, Henry Andersen NY, Reg Duval ENG, Tony Lewis ENG, Jock Grierson SCT,
Knlg: Geoff Mardon NZ, Trevor Redmond NZ, Ken Middleditch ENG.

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Combined Europe" (v. S.Africa) 1952/53:
Cptn on bike, Basse Hveem NY, 2nd Rt, Josef Hofmeister GY.
Others are Karl Kilmeyer AS, Evert Andersson SW, Bertil Carlsson SW, Reidar Kristoffersen NY.

S.Africa (v. New Zealand) 1952/53:  -  2nd Test 30.1.53 @ Wembley JHB
Stdg: Fred van Zyl, Roy Bester (Cptn), Fred Wills, Bob Raw, Harry du Toit,
Knlg: Alec Blankfield, Henry Long.

New Zealand (v. S.Africa) 1952/53
Ronnie Moore, Peter Dykes, Barry Briggs, Trevor Redmond, Dick Campbell, Frank Boyle.

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

England 1953,  - sailing for S.Africa and the '53/54 Test Series:
Bill Griffiths, Dom Perry, Bill kitchen, Reg Duval, Howdy Byford, Ian Williams, Brian Crutcher.

S.Africa (v. England) 1953/54:  - 1st Test 2.12.53 @ Wembley JHB.
Stdg: Alec Blankfield, Fred Wills, Toby Boshoff, Harry du Toit, Roy Bester,
 Frt:  Fred Lang, Henry Long (Cptn on bike), Doug Lang.

England (v. S.Africa) 1953/54:
Stdg: Ian Williams, Reg Duval, Bill Griffiths, Howdy Byford, Dom Perry,
 Frt : Bill Kitchen, Freddie Williams (Cptn on bike), Brian Crutcher.

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
S.Africa (v. England) 1956/57:
(L>R, in reverse riding order , #7 to #1):
Johny Gander; Pat Mackenzie ; Roy Bester; Neil Mortimer; Doug Davies; Arthur Duncan; Henry Long.
England (v. S.Africa) 1956/57:
L>R: Eric Boothroyd, Ron Mountford, Jim Lightfoot, Peter Williams, Nick Nicholls, Jimmy Gooch, Dave Collins. 
(Collins was a UK-born S.A. resident, drafted into the team after the death of England's skipper Alan Hunt 2 weeks earlier.)

Alternative photos of NZ and GB touring teams

INTERNATIONAL TEAMS  - 1970s  1980s 1990s

S.Africa & Britain together, 1978: 
- 11.2.78 @ Cape Town.
   The 2 teams from the 'Mystery Test Series',  - in reality a single South Africa v Britain test match, (unofficial, - for political reasons the visitors became "Overseas") , held at Goodwood Showgrounds, Cape Town, Feb. 11th 1978. South Africa were the winners, (score unknown), Peter Prinsloo scoring a 12pt. max. Four other events in the campaign, 2 each at Wembley and Mahem Stadium, Pretoria, were not Test Matches but Individuals and club matches. 
stdg, 'Overseas' (= Britain), Lt>Rt:  Nigel Close, Bert Harkins (Cptn.), Roni Ferguson, Alex Hughson;
knlg, S.Africa:  Peter Prinsloo (Cptn.), Brian Stephens, Boet Strydom, Arthur Bruins.

'Overseas'(= Britain) v. S.Africa Feb. 1981 @ Benoni (Dunswart):

Stdg: Peter Tarrant. Colin Ackroyd, John Barker, Steve Wilcock
Knlg: Ray Griffiths, Pete Smith, Dave Jessup.

(British) "International Touring Team"  1988/89:  @ Corobrik (Germiston)
A Champion-sponsored ITT team visited S.Africa each season between 1988 and '92, culminating in 
the 'International Select' test series of 1992. This 1989 squad took part in domestic competitions.
Stdg: Rod Tilbury, Andy Galvin, Mark Loram(on bike), Neville Tatum, Chris Louis, (+Kelly Moran,USA); 
Knlg; Richard Knight.

South Africa (v. Hungary) 1992:  - 3rd Test @ Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.
Stdg: Ian Richter; Jerry Martin; Eric Allen; Noddy Naude; Karl Lechky; Grant Foley; Ivan van Niekerk, 
Knlg: Richard Duke; Warren Meier (with flag); Des Jones.

South Africa 1994 ("Johannesburg Speedway Club"), 
 ( v. Polish league teams)    - 2nd mtg v. Ostrow, Poland.

Stdg:  Darryl Baldwin,  Karl Lechky,  Bevan Compton,  Noddy Naude ;
Knlg: (guest S.Buskiewicz,) Laszlo Stefani, Attila Stefani, Ivan van Niekerk, Karl Lechky Snr, manager. 

South Africa (v. Poland) Nov. 1996:
Lt>Rt: Deon Swart, Karl Lechky Sr.(mgr), Grant Bayne, Deon Prinsloo, Warren Meier,(cptn), Darryl Baldwin, Karl Lechky, Bevan Compton. 


Hastings 'Saxons',  1949:
L>R: . ? , Dan English, Jock Grierson(Cptn on bike), Ron Clark, Buddy Fuller (holding bars), ? , Ken Middleditch, Ken Smith.
Fuller joined the new Saxons team in 1948 as South Africa's national champion and scored 42 pts that season. His scoring was greatly improved the next season, 1949, as he totaled 181 points up to August when he suffered a fractured skull which set back his riding career. In 1950 he moved to Liverpool to join Doug Serrurier there, (see below.)

Liverpool 'Chads',  1949 & 1950:
The Chads included Fred Wills and Doug Serrurier in their first year, and Buddy Fuller joined Serrurier in 1950.

Belle Vue 'Aces',  Manchester, UK, 1952;  - Rare colour photo from 1952:
Stdg: Louis Lawson, George Smith, Bob Harrison, Jack Parker, Ken Sharples,
Knlg: Bob Fletcher, Henry Long, Dennis Parker, Harry Edwards.

"Springbok Brummies",  Birmingham 'Brummies', UK, 1956:
Stdg: Jim Tolley, Harry Bastable, Arthur Duncan, Neil Mortimer, Doug Davies;
Frt:  Ron Mountford, Alan Hunt (Cptn on bike), Eric Boothroyd.

This UK team was dominated by native and adopted S.African riders:
 - 'Boks Arthur Duncan, Neil Mortimer and Doug Davies supplement Brits Mountford, Hunt
and Boothroyd, the skippers of Klerksdorp Hawks, Durban Hornets and Vereeniging Aces in the '
1956/57 SA National Lge. Only Jim Tolley and Harry Bastable absented from S.Africa.

Neath 'Welsh Dragons' 1962:
Stdg: Brian Leaman (Team Mgr), George Major, Jon Erskine, Charlie Monk,
Knlg: Trevor Redmond (Cptn/promoter), Roy Taylor, Howdy Cornell, Glyn Chandler.

Exeter 'Falcons' 1978:
Stdg: Reider Eide, Vaclav Verner, Peter Oakes (Mgr), Scott Autry, Steve Koppe,
Knlg: Jan Verner, Peter Prinsloo, Mike Farrell.

Canterbury 'Crusaders' 1979 & 1982:
Skippers, centre in both photos, are Mike Ferraira and Denzil Kent

Wimbledon 'Dons' 1991:
Stdg: Neville Tatum, Bobby Ott, Trevor Geer (tm mgr), Deon Prinsloo, Nathan Simpson.
  Frt: Jesper Olsen, John Davis (on bike), Andy Grahame.

Dudley Heathens 2012
Stdg: Byron Bekker, Darryl Ritching, James White-Williams, Ashley Morris, Tom Perry, Dan Greenwood,
  Frt: Adam Roynon, Cptn.



S.A. League Team Photos:
   Pretoria Buffaloes,     1947,
   Johannesburg Tigers,  1947,
   Johannesburg Pirates, 1948,   

   East Rand/Germiston Eagles, 1947, 48, '50,
   Germiston Stars, 1951, 
   Boksburg Bees,    1951/2.

(For annual league results see History page.)

 Spring Stars,   1953/4,
 Randfontein Aces, 1953/4,
 Wembley  Lions, 1954/5,  '56/7
 Durban Hornets, 1955,
 Wembley Lions,  1956
 Pretoria Eagles, 1955/6, 1957
 West Rand Rockets,  1957(NSU) .  

  = Johannesburg Tigers, Pretoria Buffaloes, East Rand Eagles, West Rand Lions.

Pretoria Buffaloes 1947:
L>R:  n/k , Alan Serrurier, Henry Long (Cptn),  n/k .

East Rand Eagles 1947:
L>R: Doug Serrurier (Cptn), Sid van der Vyver, Harry du Toit,  n/k . 

West Rand Lions 1947:
Harry Higgins, Bode Bedenstein, Fred Wills (Cptn), Oscar Wessman, Toby Boshoff, Bob Quick.

Johannesburg Tigers 1947:
L>R: Bob Serrurier, Harry Serrurier, Joe Blankfield, INSET Buddy Fuller (Cptn).

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  = Johannesburg PIRATES, Pretoria TIGERS, Germiston EAGLES, Benoni LIONS.  

Johannesburg Pirates 1948:
Stdg: Toby Boshoff, Blaine, Syd v.d. Vyfer, Alec Gould,  Laurie Zeeman; 
 Frt:  Alec Blankfield, Buddy Fuller (Cptn on bike), Joe Blankfield.


East Rand Eagles 1948:
The 5 Serrurier brothers composed the bulk of the team,
 -  Doug,(Capt.) Jack, Harry, Allen, Bob.

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1949/50 TRANSVAAL LGE:  = Johannesburg PIRATES, Pretoria TIGERS, Germiston EAGLES, Boksburg LIONS.

Germiston Eagles 1950:
Stdg: Jack Serrurier, x , y , Doug Serrurier (Cptn on bike),Harry Serrurier, Bob Serrurier,
Knlg: z , Fred Lang.   (n.b: x, y & z = G.Wilmot, F.Sholtz, H.Norton.)

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1951/52 TRANSVAAL LGE:  = WEMBLEY LIONS, Pretoria Tigers, Germiston STARS, Boksburg BEES.

Boksburg Bees, 1951/52  - League Champions:
   (displaying their 'Transvaal League' Trophy):
Stdg: Dave Collins, Vern McWilliams, Fred Wills (Capt,) Roy Bester, Sonny James;
Knlg: Harry Ardendorff, Dave Naude, Fred van Zyl.

Germiston Stars 1951:
Stdg: Joe Blankfield, Reg Duval, Jack Serrurier, Toby Boshoff, Doug Lang,
 Frt:  n/k , Doug Serrurier (Cptn on bike), Trevor Redmond.

                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

S.A. NATIONAL LGE,  1952 - 1958
   - Wembley, Durban, Pretoria and Springs retained their team names, (Lions, Hornets, Eagles, Stars,)
     but the West Rand/Boksburg/Randfontein team switched from 'Bees' to 'Aces' to 'Rockets' over the years.

Spring Stars, 1953/4  - League Champions:
Stdg: Toy Edwards, Roy Bester, Budde Messer, Reg Duval, Harry du Toit, Reil Malan (team mgr).  
 Frt:  Bill Kitchen, Trevor Redmond (on bike), Fred van Zyl.

Randfontein Aces, 1953/4:
Stdg: Brian Crutcher, Reg Austin (Physio), Fred Wills (captain), Piet Grayling, Bert Cooper, Bill Griffiths.
 Frt:  Joe Blankfield, Alec Blankfield, Pat McKenzie.

Wembley Lions 1955:
Stdg: Dave Collins, Doug Lang, Gerald Jackson, Jimmy Meade, Junior Bainbridge;
Frt:  Aubrey Long,  Henry Long (Cptn on bike),  Fred Lang.

Durban Hornets 1955:
Frt: Vern McWilliams, Dick Campbell, Hook Bremmer, Freddie Williams;
Upper rear: Nick Dormehl, Pat Clarence, Roy Browning.

Pretoria Eagles 1955/56:  League Champions
Stdg: Harry Serrurier, Arthur Duncan, Doug Serrurier (Cptn on bike), Neil Mortimer, Dave Naude, Doug Davies,
Klng: Olle Nygren, Jimmy Scott.        
(Stg Rt: Manager J.Bunton.)

Wembley Lions 1956/7:
Stdg: Ken Long, Toby Boshoff, Jimmy Meade, Henry Long (on bike), Peter Williams, Pat Mckenzie; 
Knlg: Aubrey Long, Arthur Duncan.

Pretoria Eagles, (SCB Lge) 1957:
Stdg: Kevin Robertson, Jimmy Scott, Frank Armstrong, J.Bunton(Mgr).
 Frt:  Barry Briggs, Olle Nygren (Capt on bike,) Howdy Cornell.

West Rand Rockets, (NSU) 1957:
 ? , ? , Dennis Newton,  ? , Henry Long (on bike),  ? , ? .

Dunswart Devils c.1979:
L>R: Michael Marsh, Micky Spelvin, Noddy Naude, Wayne Coughlan, Ertjies Naude, Arthur Bruins (Cptn.)

Dunswart Honeybees, - "The Bees", 1982/83:
L>R: (sponsor), Flippie Bignaut, Phil Kynman, MartinCox, (Martin)James(Gilson) tbc, Paul Smuts Steyn,
        Herby Brett (Tm mgr); on bike Cptn Noddy Naude.

Domus, Corobrik (Germiston) 1991:
Stdg: Gary Prommel, Denzil Kent, Dave Steen, Ian Richter, Jerry Martin, Dean Smith, Deon Prinsloo, Noddy Naude;

Knlg: Wayne Coughlan, Nick Floyd, Warren Meier, Ivan van Niekerk.

WSRC, Walkerville 2016:  - team 'CAPT'N BEKKIE'  v. team 'SPIDER' MIKE' , 26.6.16.
Stdg: Marcus v.d.Merwe, Neil pettit, Dameon DEvine, Brad Devine, Jannie de Jager, Byron Bekker. Lyle Kotze,
 Frt:  Mario v.d.Merwe, Peter buck, Bobby Devine, Kian Lawrenson.

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